April 2019 has been designated National Cancer Control Month. The intent of this designation is to remind us of those we have lost to cancer, encourage us to support those now fighting the disease, and to commit to making progress in the fight.

Fighting Cancer from the Start

This is a goal very near to the hearts of Kymera Independent Physicians. Founded on cancer care and treatment, Kymera Physicians regularly participate in important cancer research.

For instance, in 2017, Drs. Ajaz Bulbul and Masoud Khorsand-Sahbaie were among those who studied certain pancreatic cancer outcomes. The goal was to find better ways of knowing if a patient may need additional surgery or not. The results could not only save patients money, but more importantly reduce their suffering during treatment and extend their lives. (For those interested, you can read the entire study at the Journal of Clinical Oncology®.)

Another important study which was led by Dr. Bulbul, sought to find ways to better predict the risk of breast cancer recurrence. The study was published in January 2017 and was important because it found a possible biomarker which could be used to provide better treatment regimens. It can help treating physicians identify patients with a high sensitivity to chemotherapy and in particular the chemo medication trastuzumab.

Fighting Cancer Every Day

Kymera Oncologists Khorsand, Bulbul, Araujo, and Minhas work tirelessly for their patients every day. Each as a special interest and concern for patients with cancer, which is why they entered the field. Each strives every day to find better ways to treat patients, which is part of how they came to be a part of Kymera.

One of the core values of Kymera holds that health care should be of the highest quality possible. To this end, Kymera believes in using the latest technologies and physicians who never stop trying to better understand the diseases they fight.

At one time, cancer beat everyone. Today, thanks to the efforts of oncology research teams around the world, many cancers such as Breast, Prostate, and more are beaten into remission daily. In other words, physicians like Kymera’s and patients just like you are beating cancer at a rate few imagined possible just a few years ago.

But the fight is not over yet. As enjoy the warm spring weather brought by April, let us take a little time to help in any way we can in the fight against cancer. Even something as simple as calling a loved one who is fighting cancer to tell them we care can make a big difference.