Publications and Research

Dr. Debu Tripathy (Chair of Breast Cancer at MD Anderson) and Dr. Bulbul presented research at ASCO 2017 on epidemiology of radical breast surgery and patient outcomes

Joanne Xiu Phd. And Dr. Bulbul presenting novel data on potential therapeutic alterations in a rare Sarcoma DSRCT; ASCO 2017

Kymera Independent Physicians have been providing access to precision medicine by utilizing state of the art – next generation sequencing technology with CARIS Life Sciences on tumor tissues of our patients. This helps to detect ‘driver molecular alterations’ in tumor tissue and determine more effective cancer treatments including oral targeted drugs and immunotherapy.

Study presented by Kymera Independent Physicians at ECCO, 2017 in Amsterdam showing how a Breast Cancer proliferation score “PrS” can be used to predict the benefit for chemotherapy in Breast cancer patients and how it can be used to avoid chemotherapy in ‘low PrS score patients’ .

2017 European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Conference Posters

Publications and Abstracts

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