Kymera Endocrinology care includes diagnosing, controlling and monitoring Diabetes, Thyroid Disorders, Osteoporosis, Adrenal and other Glandular Diseases. The Endocrinology Team stresses disease awareness and education to help patients manage certain endocrine disorders.

Our Kymera Endocrinology Team includes your Physicians, a Nurse Practitioner, and well-trained Medical Assistants. Each plays an important role in helping you learn how to best manage your condition so be sure to get to know them and ask questions. They are there for you.

What is Endocrinology?

Endocrinology is a branch of Internal Medicine that specializes in treating conditions caused by problems in the endocrine glands and hormones. Hormonal regulation and Metabolism, which is to say the biochemical processes which allow the human body to properly function, is the central focus of the Endocrinologist. Most important is how the body processes food to use as energy and for growth.

The key glands involved in endocrinology include:The endocrine system male and female shown

  • pituitary gland
  • thyroid
  • parathyroid
  • pancreas
  • testicles
  • adrenal glands
  • Bone (Osteoporosis)

Who Needs an Endocrinologist?

Those most commonly referred to a Kymera Endocrinologist are persons living with diabetes or new to diabetes. This is especially the case for diabetics who are uncontrolled or take multiple shots of insulin or use an insulin pump. If diabetes becomes difficult to manage, an endocrinologist can help get treatments under control.  Other conditions are those affecting the organs listed above.

Likewise, if someone is suffering from complications related to diabetes, the team will discuss their situation with a few to finding ways to reduce or eliminate the complications.

Because Endocrinologists handle all things related to glands and their proper functioning, any condition related to improper hormone functions will be their purview.

What Causes Endocrine Disorders?

Most endocrine disorders are caused by an imbalance of hormones. Hormones are created and moved by several glands in the body and provide a variety of functions. When the glands either produce too little of a hormone or too much, the imbalance can cause problems. How easy is it for these glands to cause problems?

Consider the following list of endocrine glands and their relative locations in the human body:

  • Adrenal glands (above kidneys)
  • Bones (Osteoporosis)
  • Ovaries (abdomen)
  • Pancreatic Islet Cells (pancreas)
  • Parathyroid (neck)
  • Pituitary gland (behind sinuses)
  • Testes (crotch)
  • Thyroid (front of neck)

From the above list, we can see that endocrine glands are found throughout the body. Each serves a vital function often relative to its location, but not always. Because these glands are small and function in very specific ways, the slightest imbalance can cause difficulties with other parts of the body. It is the job of the Endocrinologist to isolate and identify the cause and how to best restore balance.

Aside from imbalances, however, the development of lesions such as tumor in any part of the endocrine system will cause problems. Such lesions may or may not cause an imbalance and treatments can be difficult.

Endocrinology and Cancer

Cancer can affect any part of the body including glands. When this is the case, it is imperative that your endocrinologist be involved in the cancer treatment. However, even when the cancer is not directly affecting the glands, either the cancer or the treatments can have a negative impact on a patient’s metabolism and ability to recover without additional treatments.

Your Kymera Endocrinologist will closely monitor the situation and provide guidance when any part of your cancer treatment causes discomfort or difficulties related to the glands in your body.

What to Expect when Visiting Your Endocrinologist for the First Time

If your first visit to a Kymera Endocrinologist is for diabetes, it would be wise to bring along your blood glucose journal if you have been keeping one. If not, expect to start. Your Physician will want a general overview of your condition to date and what has changed since the last time you saw your doctor.

Some of the likely things your team will do is check your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, urine, and cholesterol. They will check your feet and other extremities. If additional tests are needed, these will be ordered.

Be sure to bring a list of all medications you currently take.

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Meet Our Endocrinology Team

Dr. Mose July

Dr. Mose July, MD MBBS CCD

Carol Holland, CNP

Carol Holland, CNP

What Conditions Are Treated by the Kymera Endocrinology Team?

There are many conditions for which a person may be referred to an Endocrinologist. Some of these include:

  • Adrenal disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Calcium Vitamin D Problems
  • Endocrine disorders including growth-related problems
  • Hypopituitarism
  • Men’s health disorders including low testosterone levels
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Weight and metabolism
  • Women’s health including menopause, and Hormone replacement therapy

As can be seen from the above, Endocrinologists may be involved in a number of conditions related to how well glands are functioning. In addition to these conditions, endocrinologists are often involved with cancer treatments, most common being Thyroid cancer.

A Word from Our Endocrinologists

At Kymera Independent Physicians, we pride ourselves on advanced, compassionate care and treatments. We hope we have been able to answer many of your questions about Endocrinology in general.

If you are a patient or considering becoming a patient know that we are happy to answer all your questions to your satisfaction. We know that your disease is frightening and fighting it may seem daunting. But you should also know that we are here for you.

For more than two decades, we have been helping patients from all walks of life battle and beat conditions related to their endocrine system. We can help you too.

With convenient treatment center locations, Kymera delivers a better healthcare experience.

Get in touch today using the numbers listed below if you suspect a problem involving your endocrine system. The sooner you know what is going on, the better the outcome.

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