X-Ray Imaging

An X-Ray is an image which shows the internal composition of an object. It is used in the medical field to see inside the human body. As X-rays pass through the body, they continue through soft tissue but bounce off dense objects like bones. If a foreign object such as a bullet or piece of metal is within the body for any reason, the image will appear as a solid mass.

X-rays were in 1895. Before long, the discovery led to the X-ray machine by which doctors could see inside patients who suffered broken bones or other injuries.

Today, getting an x-ray is so common that many take it for granted. Fractures, broken bones remain a common reason to visit a radiology department. Some of the other reasons to have an x-ray done include:

  • bone cancer
  • breast tumors
  • blocked blood vessels
  • certain lung conditions
  • enlarged heart
  • digestive problems
  • infections

X-rays are performed by radiologists or imaging technicians. These are medical professionals who are trained to safely operate the equipment. They will also ask certain questions of their patients to ensure that they have no conditions which could adversely affect their health or the outcome of the procedure.

What is the Difference Between Radiology and Imaging?

When going for an x-ray, patients often hear the terms Radiologist and Imaging Tech used interchangeably. While the two are very similar, there are subtle differences.

Radiology is the use of radiation to produce images within the body. A Radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of conditions revealed through radiologic imaging procedures.  An Imaging Technician is generally someone who is also trained in use of the equipment, but who is not an MD. Thus, the imaging tech does not diagnose or treat conditions revealed through radiologic imaging.

Also, imagining does not necessarily involve radiation or radiologic technology. Modern imaging may include sound waves, as used in a sonogram, or other non-radiologic tools. Thus, departments in the past were called Radiology but today are more properly termed Imaging.

And a Radiologist is a doctor while an Imaging Tech is not, though both are trained in the proper and safe use of the equipment. Another term which is often heard is Radiographer. A Radiographer or Imaging Tech does not diagnose; the Radiologist is a Medical Doctor who can both diagnose and treat diseases and injuries using the data collected through imaging tests.

Kymera X-Ray Equipment / Radiology and Imaging Department

At Kymera Independent Physicians, we believe that technology can often make a big difference in diagnoses and treatments. This is why we maintain only the most up-to-date equipment and software possible.

Kymera radiology (x-ray) equipment provides high-definition images.  This allows us to make accurate treatment for patients in our care rather than sending them elsewhere. Not only are the X-rays of the quality we expect, but this saves our patients time and speeds treatment.

Whether you are a current patient of Kymera or not, if you need to have an X-ray procedure performed, we are happy to help. Contact us using the button below to schedule an appointment.

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FDA Information for Patients

X-ray imaging (CT, fluoroscopy, and radiography) exams should be performed only after careful consideration of the patient’s health needs. They should be performed only when the referring physician judges them to be necessary to answer a clinical question or to guide treatment of a disease. The clinical benefit of a medically appropriate X-ray imaging exam outweighs the small radiation risk. However, efforts should be made to help minimize this risk.

A Tech performs an x-ray on a patient at Kymera

A Chest X-ray

Emilio Araujo, MD
Ajaz Bulbul, MBBS, MD

Important Dates in X-rays:

  • The German Scientist Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the x-ray, sometimes called the Roentgen Ray at the time.
  • X-rays are used in hospitals to help with examinations and surgery.
  • Thomas Edison’s assistant dies from skin cancer and Edison becomes sick due to x-ray exposure.
  • Radium is reported to cure “x-ray disease.”
  • The x-ray is used to examine a bomb to protect an inspector.
  • X-rays are reported to treat cancer.

A Word from Our X-Ray Techs

At Kymera Independent Physicians, we pride ourselves on advanced, compassionate care and treatments. We hope we have been able to answer many of your questions about X-Rays in general.

If you are a patient or considering becoming a patient know that we are happy to answer all your questions to your satisfaction. We know that having x-rays done may seem frightening. But know that we are here for you.

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