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Diabetes education covers a wide array of topics and learning it all takes time. The Kymera Diabetes Education program is designed to help you learn how to best manage your condition.

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Diabetes Education

Diabetes is a condition where a person’s body struggles to produce or respond to the hormone insulin.

Our diabetes education course allows individuals to get an in-depth look at barriers they may face. Another statistic that stands out for our region is race. With much higher-than-average rates of diabetes, American Indian (18%) and Hispanic (13%) populations are especially in need of help.

However, the steps to controlling and learning to live life with diabetes are the same regardless of race. Although diabetes is not specifically a lifestyle disease, there are lifestyle changes one can make to control it. And as expected, making a lifestyle change is not easy.

To help, Kymera Independent Physicians have developed a program designed to help patients gain a deeper understanding of their disease to manage it better. Extensive by necessity and simple by design, this course provides the framework for success and the process. Kymera medical staff offers guidance and encouragement.

The Kymera Diabetes Education course covers topics like:

  • How does diabetes medicine work?
  • What foods are good to consume?
  • How to plan budget-friendly meals?
  • What is the best glucose monitoring device for you? How do you use it?
  • What resources are available to help track progress and provide reminders?
  • Tips to cope with stress and solve problems.

For more information, please give us a call at 575-627-9500.

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Diabetes Quick Facts

To do our part for World Diabetes Day, Kymera Endocrinologist, Dr. Mose July shares some quick facts about diabetes. Just a few of the interesting facts provided by Dr. July are:

  • Did you know that an estimated 420,000,000 people live with diabetes worldwide and nearly half do not know they are diabetic?
  • In the U.S., about 1 in 4 are unaware they have diabetes.
  • Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death.
  • You can ask your doctor for a diabetes screening.


Endocrinologist Dr. Mose July discusses hypoglycemia resulting from insulin use. Hypoglycemia  is low blood sugar and is common while patients strive to get used to living with diabetes. It can occur when either too much insulin is injected or when the wrong insulin is used.

For those with a loved one who has insulin-dependent diabetes, simply pay attention. Their behavior will provide clues to helping them, as Dr. July explains.