Kymera Independent Physicians is dedicated to the safety and the privacy of our patients. Over the recent weeks, we have received multiple inquiries from patients regarding the security issues, vulnerabilities, hacking, and “Zoombombing” that is being reported in the news. We are aware of the security issues that affect certain versions of Zoom. The version of Zoom that is being used for telemedicine is HIPAA Compliant through a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), encrypted, and requires a password to join the meeting. This allows us to avoid the issues being reported by users of the free version. Additionally, Zoom does not have access to your Protected Health Information (PHI) and does not store nor record the information. Kymera also maintains up to date security measures through the service to ensure the privacy of our patients and their information. To stay up to date on what Zoom is doing, you can read more here:

Zoom for Healthcare

Zoom: A Message to our Users

We at Kymera value our patients and are doing everything that we can to provide a better healthcare experience.

Zoom Cloud Meeting Instructions

Download Zoom

  1. Open iTunes on your Apple device or Google Play on your Android

  1. Search for “Zoom Cloud Meeting”



  1. At your scheduled time, open the app and click “Join a Meeting”

  1. Enter the Meeting ID and Your Name and click “Join”

  1. Enter your password and click “Continue”

  1. Click on “Join with Video”

  1. Click on “Call Using Internet Audio”

If you are unable to hear your provider, tap the screen and ensure that the speaker icon looks like this: