Choosing a primary care doctor, or primary care physician (PCP) can be difficult. With so many, some people just let their insurance company assign a PCP. This is a mistake. Insurance carriers often just select the PCP nearest to the patient. This is because it is practical. Yet, practical is not always best. Here are some tips to help you choose your next primary care doctor.

What to Look for when Choosing Your Primary Care Physician

Location is one consideration when choosing a primary care physician, but it is not the only one. It is nice to have someone close to home when you awake with the flu or something just as awful. No one wants to drive far. But if your chosen PCP is not right for you, a slightly further drive may be best.

Another consideration is the type of doctor. Some specialize in family medicine while others internal medicine. The simple difference is that the family doctor cares for patients at all stages of life from birth to death. Internal medicine PCPs are trained in caring for adults only and often have subspecialties. The right PCP can provide much of what a specialist can provide without the need for a referral.

You also want to check out their availability. Some providers limit their schedules such that wait times are longer even for routine visits. Call the practice and ask questions. Can they generally get you in within a day or two? Same day is perfect. This way, you will not be forced to go to an Urgent Care clinic if you are really feeling bad.

Finally, think of how well can you communicate with your PCP. Some are known for being rather closed. And personalities play a role as well. Look for a PCP with a reputation for being open to talking about your condition. Find one who takes the time to answer questions and is personable. Nothing is worse than a cold, indifferent, non-communicative primary care doctor.

Naturally, if you have health insurance, you want to be sure your PCP is “in-network.” This means that you will pay the lower co-pay amount for visits. If your chosen physician is not “in-network,” you will either pay a higher co-pay or the entire amount.

Kymera Independent Physicians, PCPs, Insurance Carriers

Kymera Independent Physicians has convenient locations in Roswell, Hobbs, and Carlsbad, NM. This means we have primary care physicians close to you. We offer both family practice and internal medicine physicians so that you get the right care. And while appointments are strongly encouraged, if you need same day service we are usually able to provide.

In addition, we have in-house specialists, our own medical lab, and imaging/radiology department so that there is no need to go elsewhere for ancillary medical services. This saves you time and the anguish of having to travel to other locations when you are ill. Finally, since we have been in business for over 22 years, we have formed insurance networks with virtually every carrier in Southeastern New Mexico including:

All this is how Kymera is able to provide a Better Healthcare Experience. If you are considering a new Primary Care Physician/Doctor, why not request an appointment now?

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