Kymera is excited to announce the addition of podiatry to our group of medical disciplines.

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a medical specialist who specializes in feet and ankles. They go through specialized training to treat this section of the body. In fact, there are only nine schools that are accredited by the American Podiatric Medical Association. During their schooling, they learn about the nerves, bones, and muscles work that allows one to move. In addition, there is a focus on how injuries and diseases can impact one’s mobility.

What are common conditions treated?

Fractures and Sprains: With sports and common mobility issues, fractures and sprains are frequently treated by podiatrist.

Diabetes: This is a condition where a person’s body struggles to produce or respond to the hormone insulin. Diabetes can cause damage to the nerves in one’s feet and legs. It can reach the severity to where one’s foot and leg may need to be amputated. In fact, more than 65,000 individuals annually will need a foot or leg amputation due to diabetes.

Arthritis: Often, arthritis is caused from inflammation, swelling, and wear and tear on the joints. A foot has 33 joints. Common treatments for arthritis consist of physical therapy, medicine, special shoe inserts, or in severe cases, surgery.

Growing Pain: This may be caused from feet pointing inward, flat feet, or toes that do not line up correctly. Treatment for this may include exercises, insoles, braces, or in severe cases, surgery.

Heal Pain: A common source of heel pain are heel spurs. These are a buildup of calcium at the bottom on your heel bone. They can be caused by running, ill fitting or non-supporting shoes, or from being overweight.

Morton’s Neuroma: Nerve problems between the third and fourth bone on the foot can cause pain, burning, or a feeling that something is in your shoe. This issue mainly impacts runners. Tight shoes or overpronation (your foot rolls inward as you move) can make it worse. In some cases, a podiatrist can administer shots to help with inflamtion and pain. Severe cases may result in surgery.

Meet Our Podiatrist

Masoud Khorsand-Sahbaie, MD, FACP

Jeffrey Ash, DMP

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A Word from Our Podiatrist

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